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Integrating your systems with Concept Evolution

Be more efficient, productive and agile with connected APIs, applications, devices and data.

Let’s get your systems talking to each other, be they SAP, Oracle Financials, Sage, Workplace Assist, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

The Concept Evolution CAFM/IWMS range can integrate with a wide range of applications, bringing dramatic efficiency benefits.

We understand the uniqueness of each integration as well as the many methods for integrating.

We will work with you on your requirements.

For example, it can be possible to fully automate the creation of tasks and reduce the amount of manual inputting in Concept Evolution: -  

With an integration from FSI, an alarm going off via the monitoring system would send information to Concept Evolution, for a task to be created, which is sent to an engineer on their mobile device for resolution.

A simple and effective way, without human intervention in the logging process, for the task to be actioned.

Remove the duplication of effort.  

Make efficiencies by removing manual processes.

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Integration options:

1. The Workflow solution from FSI can automatically:

1. Output data in various formats (e.g. csv, xml) for processing by 3rd party systems 2. Import data in various formats (e.g. csv, xml) for processing by workflow 3. call 3rd party system webservices and APIs

2. Concept Evolution CAFM / IWMS from FSI can:

1) Facilitate 3rd party systems creating entities within Concept Evolution via the SOAP API interface 2) Allow 3rd Party Systems to retrieve data and information from the system via the SOAP API interface 3) Provide a REST webservice that enables 3rd party systems to post data into Concept Evolution, for subsequent processing by the Workflow solution

3. FSI Dreamscape:

1. Is a low-code development platform for building Web and Mobile applications, including REST APIs 2. Can be used as a middleware platform to integrate multiple systems in addition to Concept Evolution

Want to integrate your systems with Concept Evolution?

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